Learning Approach

Learning Approach

Our Philosophy

Journeying together towards a child-centred approach to learning and to facilitate the best educational learning experience for our children & students.

Our Concept


  • Social & Emotional Well-Being
  • Character Building
  • Team Player
  • Life Skill


  • Sports
  • Fitness Activities
  • Play & Grow


  • Nature awareness with Going-Green Activities
  • Outdoor learning

Our Tagline

Love & Trust the Journey

Our Approach

A Child-Centred Approach to Learning

As children begin to take the first steps toward becoming active participants in their learning, we create a supportive environment to expand children’s minds. Lessons are interactive and hands-on, and are designed to be developmentally appropriate. There’s a balance between structured learning, meaningful play, interest-based learning, as well as outdoor exploration. Through careful observation, we become attuned to the interests of the children and use suitable materials to keep them focused, and even more so for them to enjoy learning.

Developing Inquisitive Minds

A key component of the learning opportunities at SunnySeeds is fun learning. We bring lessons to life with stories, games, music & movements, multimedia, sports and outdoor activities. It is one of our goals to provide plenty of opportunities for children to explore, wander, experiment with new things, play with different possibilities and discover their inner potential. At the same time, we also prompt children to work collaboratively with friends, express themselves and find creative ways to problem solve. We want children to never lose their curiosity to learn something new.

Inspiring Leadership Skills for Life

In this whole process, children pick up more than just the fundamentals needed to ensure a smooth continuum of learning when they go to primary school. They also develop skills they will need later in life, especially leadership and social emotional skills. The main leadership qualities that we aim to empower children with include becoming self-reliant, seeking to proactively achieve goals, being able to regulate the state of their own social-emotional well-being, treating others with kindness, and finding the self-confidence to lead their own lives while inspiring others to find theirs.

Family-School Partnership

Working hand-in-hand with parents by maintaining positive relationships with us is vital. As always, we keep everything open & honest with parents. Whenever possible, we will encourage parents to join in the educational process & be part of their children’s learning journey. 

We seek chances to collaborate with third party partners like fitness coach, as well as neurodivergent clinical psychologists/ consultants (where needed), to best support everyone in this school community, at the same time providing opportunities for parents to join in any FREE parenting webinars throughout since we commenced.

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